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Celebrate National Filet Mignon Day!

Filet mignon with maple rub, fresh vegetables, and mashed cauliflower

Filet Mignon with Maple Rub

While we each sit at our desks at work, Erin and I often end up bantering back and forth via email throughout the day. It usually starts with simple conversation about the day and ends up focused on the topic of food, travel or wine. Today our dinner was already planned; filet mignon, grilled zucchini, and mashed cauliflower. During our bantering, Erin informed me that she had discovered today, August 13th, was, “Nation Filet Mignon Day.”Having already planned to enjoy filet mignon for dinner it became the focus of our discussion for the rest of the afternoon. It was decided that instead of doing any experimenting with creative rubs or crazy cooking techniques, we’d go back to the basics. Simple rub, fresh grilled veggies, and a simple, yet healthy, mashed cauliflower.

I almost always smoke meat first

Filet Mignon – Smoke It First

I almost always smoke meat first, then sear if a crust is desired. Tonight I used sugar maple for a subtle and slightly sweet smoke flavor. Often used for poultry, pork or fish, the sugar maple imparted a great flavor into the beef as well, but also allowed the flavors of the rub to stand out.

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