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Go Naked BBQ Showdown

We had a great time in Greencastle, PA at the Go Naked BBQ Showdown last weekend, although, despite the name (and much to my disappointment) there was very little nudity. Pepper Monkey BBQ competed in two categories, Ribs and Chicken. The competition was fierce so we were proud to come in at 12th for Chicken! Ribs was a little tougher, 23rd. We ranked 22nd overall. Not a bad days work. You’ll notice there are no photos for this post. It was rainy, nobody was naked, so I didn’t get out the camera. Maybe next year?

We’ve got another competition under our belt and we definitely enjoy and appreciate all the education that comes along with each event! Looking forward to our next two events – EggAnnapolis and Waldorf Eggfest. Come join the fun!

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Come out and see us!

Joel Matteson

Chef Matteson

Whether it’s competitive cooking or just a fun-for-all EggFest, you’ll find Pepper Monkey BBQ skipping around the country, Eggs in tow, all summer long. If you’re able to attend any of these great events, you’ll be treating yourself to some good times and great food. While you’re there, be sure to stop by and say hi!

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