Welcome to Peppermonkey BBQ’s competition page!  Here you can see an overview of the competitions we’ve entered our ranking in each category, and our overall ranking.  You can also click on each competition title to go to the Kansas City Barbecue Society (KCBS) scoring page to see how other teams ranked in that competition.   So far all our competitions have been KCBS contests which have strict requirements on what must be cooked and how it must be turned in to the judges.  Every team cooks four meat categories: Chicken, pork ribs, pork shoulder, and beef brisket.  Each category is turned in using a provided 9″ x 9″ foam container which must contain a minimum of six servings.  These categories are usually turned in starting at noon on the saturday of the contest and then every 1/2 hour thereafter.  Teams only have five minutes before or after this 1/2 hour mark to get their box put together and turned into the judging tent.  KCBS certified judges will then sample the turn ins and score them on appearance, taste, and tenderness.  This sounds WAY more simple than it actually is.  We joked when we first heard this referred to as a ‘sport’ but now it all makes sense!  Cooking the food perfectly, finding the perfect balance of smoke, salt, sweet and heat, having it done just in time so it is still hot and fresh at the proper turn in time for each category, and getting the box built quickly but skillfully so you earn high appearance points is no easy task!  Any team that simply completes all four turn ins with decent food has accomplished a lot; those that get the highest scores have certainly earned it!  Occasionally the contest organizer will have ‘ancillary’ categories the night before a competiton.  These are scored the same as the four KCBS categories, but the points do not go toward your overall score for the competiton.  Usually the ancillary categories come along with a trophy, a small monetary prize, and if you are lucky you earn free registration for the following years’ event.  Because those are simply for fun, they are not listed here.

To see the results of the entire competition, click on the link under “Competition” and you will be directed to the KCBS results site.

Competition  Location  Date Chicken Ribs  Pork Brisket Overall Ranking 
45. Shenandoah Valley BBQ Fest Woodstock, VA Oct 2014 17th 9th 23rd 1st 5th out of 40
44. Easy Carolina BBQ Throwdown Rocky Mount, NC Oct 2014 15th 2nd 6th 20th 4th out of 53
43. Keystone Classic Harrisburg, PA Oct 2014 24th 23rd 7th 11th 11th out of 53
42. Lehigh Valley Que Allentown, PA Sep 2014 17th 23rd 1st 2nd 8th out of 32
41. Sam’s Club Laurel, MD Aug 2014 22nd 3rd 7th 15th 13th out of 29
40. MD BBQ Bash Bel Air, MD Aug 2014 14th 7th 28th 8th 10th out of 54
39. Brew and BBQ St. Marys, MD Aug 2014 17th 24th 17th 6th 9th out of 59
38. BBQ Jamboree Fredericksburg,VA May 2014 49th 1st 7th 15th 9th out of 64
37. Naptown BarBAYq Annapolis, MD  May 2014  38th 4th 26th  12th 18th out of 59
36. Triple Threat BBQ Festival Harrington, DE  April 2014  87th 33rd  68th  11th 44th out of 109
35. Go Naked BBQ Showdown GreenCastle, PA  April 2014
Competition Location Date  Chicken  Ribs  Pork  Brisket Overall Ranking
34. Autumnfest Woodstock, VA October 2013 14th 23rd 2nd 1st 4th out of 40
33. Eastern Carolina BBQ Throwdown Rocky Mount, NC October 2013 45th 33rd 30th 1st 19th out of 55
32. Keystone Classic BBQ Competition Harrisburg, PA October 2013 35th 7th 22nd 5th 11th out of 55
31. Pickin’ in the Panhandle Inwood, WV September 2013 9th 29th 8th 26th 16th out of 37
30. Blue Ridge Music and BBQ Festival Harrisonburg, VA August 2013 9th 21st 9th 4th 5th out of 28
29. Sam’s Club National BBQ Tour Laurel, MD August 2013 8th 9th 18th 15th 14th out of 29
28. Maryland State BBQ Bash Bel Air, MD August 2013 4th 17th 15th 3rd 3rd out of 60
27. Piggin on the Patuxent St. Marys, MD July 2013
26. Que and Cruz Louisa, VA July 2013 22nd 23rd 27th 7th 19th out of 45
25. BBQ Bands and Brews Palmyra, VA June 2013 20th 15th 10th 2nd  9th out of 25
24. Swinetastic BBQ Festival Frederick, MD June 2013 39th 5th 23rd 21st 14th out of 63
23. Middletown BBQ Cookoff Middletown, DE May 2013 8th 22nd 3rd 34th 9th out of 56
22. BBQ Jamboree Fredericksburg, VA May 2013 20th 43rd 11th 13th 22nd out of 60
21. Naptown BarBAYq Annapolis, MD May 2013 1st 6th 2nd 24th 3rd out of 55
20. Go Naked BBQ Showdown
 Competition  Locations  Date  Chicken  Ribs Pork Brisket Overall Ranking
19. Keystone Classic BBQ Competition Harrisburg, PA October 2012 10th 8th 8th 4th 2nd out of 58
18. Smokin’ on the Track Shenandoah, VA September 2012 8th 12th 4th 3rd 4th out of 17
17. Pickin’ in the Panhandle Hedgesville, WV September 2012 16th 8th 23rd 22nd 15th out of 43
16. Smokin’ on the Bay Deale, MD September 2012 9th 8th 3rd 5th 2nd out of 47
15. Sam’s Club National BBQ Tour Pittsburgh, PA August 2012 11th 7th 26th 10th 14th out of 26
14. Swinetastic BBQ Festival Frederick, MD June 2012 36th 8th 9th 3rd 6th out of 69
13. Beltway BBQ Showdown Fort Washington, MD June 2012 19th 3rd 20th 3rd 7th out of 29
12. Middletown BBQ Cookoff  Middletown, DE May 2012  26th 5th 13th 5th  4th out of 53
11. Naptown BarBAYq  Annapolis, MD May 2012  1st  16th  6th  30th  6th out of 41
10. Go Naked BBQ Showdown  Greencastle, PA April 2012  7th  7th  N/A  N/A  5th out of 30
Competition  Location   Date  Chicken  Ribs  Pork  Brisket  Overall Ranking
9. Smoketoberfest BBQ Challenge  Chambersburg, PA October 2011 25th  7th  36th  19th  17th out of 47
8. Keystone Classic BBQ Competition  Harrisburg, PA October 2011  8th  21st  11th  1st  4th out of 47
7. Pickin’ in the Panhandle Hedgesville, WV  September 2011 7th 27th  18th  16th  14th out of 43
6. Smokin’ on the Bay  Deale, MD  September 2011  8th  4th  2nd  20th  6th out of 40
5. Swinetastic BBQ Festival  Frederick, MD  June 2011  28th  42nd  38th  28th  41st out of 53
4. Go Naked BBQ Showdown  Greencastle, PA  April 2011  12th 23rd  N/A  N/A  22nd out of 24
Competition Location Date    Chicken     Ribs     Pork   Brisket  Overall Ranking
3. Smoketoberfest BBQ Challenge  Chambersburg, PA  October 2010  45th  33rd  36th  48th 45th out of 48
2. Keystone Classic BBQ Competition  Harrisburg, PA  October 2010  45th  9th 27th  43rd 39th out of 45
1. Holy Smoke BBQ Competition  Easton, MD  July 2010  16th  26th  28th  21st 25th out of 29