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Smoked Turkey Bacon

Smoked Turkey Bacon, Eggs, and Toast

Smoked Turkey Bacon, Eggs, and Toast

We’ve all heard it, and to the best of my knowledge most of us know it to be true … Everything is better with bacon. I certainly can’t disagree. I think the only thing that may disagree with such a statement is our heart and arteries. If bacon were good for me I’d eat it twice a day for sure. We do our best to stay healthy most of the time so we often find ourselves looking for creative ways to take something that traditionally is not healthy and crafting a healthier version of what ever it may be. In this case, bacon.

Sure, you can get turkey bacon in a package at the store, it’s usually paper thin and cooks up to the consistency of an ace of spades. Or you can go to a butcher and get fresh cut turkey bacon that is unseasoned. Impart any flavor you desire into it, treat it properly, and you’ve got delicious bacon that will never leave you craving ‘real’ pork bacon. Here is how we do ours.

We happen to have an Amish market close by and they keep thick cut, unseasoned turkey bacon at their butcher counter at all times. We usually get a couple pounds, separate it into a breakfast serving for two (six or seven slices) and food save and freeze it. Thaw it out in the refrigerator the night before and when Sunday morning rolls around … the coals get lit at the same time the coffee pot starts dripping. For those of you that think the grill is only for dinner … it’s actually very peaceful cooking outdoors just as the sun is rising. No lawn mowers, cars or kids causing disturbances … just a thin blue smoke rising from the smoker and birds cheering you on from all directions.

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