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Wild Goose Breast


Wild Goose Breast, Mashed Potatoes with Sun Chokes, & Asparagus

Wild Goose Breast, Mashed Potatoes with Sun Chokes, & Asparagus

Happy Easter! Most holidays we make it a point to celebrate with a special meal. Sometimes we use it as an excuse to cook up an old favorite, and sometimes we see it as an opportunity to experiment with something new. Today we chose the latter and it was a success! A friend recently helped us acquire a large portion of venison and when he delivered it, he slipped in a ziplock full of goose breast that he had hunted last fall. For reasons unknown, it seemed like a great day to try out this wild goose breast.

Because it was new to us, some studying had to be done on how to prepare the goose and a couple hours of internet research did nothing but make me second guess the decision to make this our Easter meal. There were many posts and websites comparing the meat to liver, saying it was too tough to chew, and statements about how it was too gamey to enjoy. The reason behind this is that the wild goose is a migratory bird that travels for thousands of miles each season. In order to do this, their muscles are oxygenated more than 25% than that of your average bird which leaves a chef with a very rich and dense muscle to work with. Fortunately there were also some websites and forum posts that raved about the wonderful unique taste of goose breast and there were many recommendations to ensure success. The decision was made to suspend the gaminess and toughness by treating the goose in stages, and the result was worth the effort.

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