Smoked Turkey Bacon

Smoked Turkey Bacon, Eggs, and Toast

Smoked Turkey Bacon, Eggs, and Toast

We’ve all heard it, and to the best of my knowledge most of us know it to be true … Everything is better with bacon. I certainly can’t disagree. I think the only thing that may disagree with such a statement is our heart and arteries. If bacon were good for me I’d eat it twice a day for sure. We do our best to stay healthy most of the time so we often find ourselves looking for creative ways to take something that traditionally is not healthy and crafting a healthier version of what ever it may be. In this case, bacon.

Sure, you can get turkey bacon in a package at the store, it’s usually paper thin and cooks up to the consistency of an ace of spades. Or you can go to a butcher and get fresh cut turkey bacon that is unseasoned. Impart any flavor you desire into it, treat it properly, and you’ve got delicious bacon that will never leave you craving ‘real’ pork bacon. Here is how we do ours.

We happen to have an Amish market close by and they keep thick cut, unseasoned turkey bacon at their butcher counter at all times. We usually get a couple pounds, separate it into a breakfast serving for two (six or seven slices) and food save and freeze it. Thaw it out in the refrigerator the night before and when Sunday morning rolls around … the coals get lit at the same time the coffee pot starts dripping. For those of you that think the grill is only for dinner … it’s actually very peaceful cooking outdoors just as the sun is rising. No lawn mowers, cars or kids causing disturbances … just a thin blue smoke rising from the smoker and birds cheering you on from all directions.

The big green egg is set up with direct heat (nothing in between the coals and the grill grate) and I like to throw some wood chips on to impart flavor in the bacon. I’ve used mesquite, hickory, cherry, apple and even grape vines … it all makes the the bacon taste great.

Set the cooker up so it’s about 300 degrees, but if you have the option, keep your cooking grate higher above the coals than normal. For the big green egg I use the adjustable rig from the ceramic grill store and set the grate a good 8 or 10 inches above the coals. Throw the wood chips of choice on the hot coals … wait for ten minutes or so allowing the thick white smoke to thin out. Then simply lay your thick cut bacon slices on the grate. We prefer crispy bacon and at 300 degrees the bacon is done in about 20 minutes. The bacon will need to be flipped as there is nothing in between it and the coals, but the turkey meat will absorb a lot of your smoke flavor by using the direct method. Make sure you keep an eye on it, shuffeling the pieces around the hot spot if it exists on your grill to prevent the accidental over charring. If you don’t like it as crispy, then it will be done in 15 minutes or less.

I’m not saying this is ‘healthy’ … but when you compare the nutrition information to regular pork bacon, it is obviously the healthier choice. And you may not believe us until you try it … but after smoking and crisping up … this really is just as good or better than good old fashioned pork bacon! Feeling creative? sprinkle some fresh ground black pepper on it when you lay it on the grill … We’ve also tried ceyenne, brown sugar, maple syrup … skies the limit … but our favorite is plain turkey bacon smoked with apple wood.

Below you see the bacon at about the 20 minute mark. The fat is melting out and the turkey bacon has absorbed plenty of smoke showing a darker color indicating it is just at the right crispiness level.

Smoked Turkey Bacon - 20 Minutes In

Smoked Turkey Bacon – 20 Minutes In

Off the grill and plated … crispy and flavorful turkey bacon. An amazing substitute for the less healthy pork bacon.

Smoked Turkey Bacon - The Delicious Finished Product

The Delicious Finished Product

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  1. I’ve been using turkey bacon for years because of a pork allergy. Recently I ate breakfast at PJs restaurant in Irving, Texas. The bacon they served was delicious with a smoky flavor. Is there any place I can buy this for use at home in my area?

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